Friday, December 11, 2009

All is not well in Malaysia-old news indeed!

At long last , after a decade of denial, the BN govt says the obvious( see press excerpts from Finance Minister 2 ,Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, at an Economic Conference recently):

  • Malaysia's economy has been stagnating for the past decade and is now trailing badly behind its neighbours
  • Malaysia economic growth over the last 3 years is the 2nd lowest in comparison to
    China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand .
  • Singapore and Korea's nominal per capita GDP grew within the last three decades by 9 and 12 times respectively against 4 times for Malaysia.
  • Malaysia is trapped in a low-value-added, low-wage and low-productivity structure
  • Our private investment has been steadily in decline

What needs to be done to put the economy back on track?

According to the Minister , we must emphasise on meritocracy and ensuring all Malaysians are given equal opportunity to participate in the economy and we must gradually dismantle the protectionist policies of specific sectors and industries ,which have introduced a climate of complacency and artificial levels of supply.

Many Malaysians know that these measures are not good enough.There must be good governance,there must be serious effort to address corruption and increase transparency.There must be proper checks and balances and democractic institutions allowed to function freely.

The question is whether the current BN Federal Govt can do this? Its really a tall order especially since many are of the opinion that they are the root cause after 52 years of power.If they can't do it, Malaysia fate is sealed and life will become harder for Malaysians

Monday, November 30, 2009

Minimum Pay and employment

Pay and employment in on the agenda of many Malaysians, especially young adults and those with growing children.

As for pay, incomes have not risen in tandem with rising prices. 25 years ago, a University graduate was paid RM 1700.Today, 25 years later, after the economic bubble have deflated, many graduates are being offered RM 1,700 for entry positions.Worse, there are graduates working as Factory Operators, something unheard of 25 years ago.

After paying for lodging, transport and living expenses, there is nothing left for the employee.In a way,not much different from the master and servant(slave?) relationship - servant works and the master take care of everything else.

While there many ideas on the way forward,the govt. must ensure that Malaysians be given priority over foreign workers. The govt. must regulate the intake of foreigners into the job market.This will ensure that wages are not artifically held down by employing foreigners who are prepared to accept lower pay.

Secondly, it is important for the govt to introduce a minimum wage system. This was introduced in many countries including the newest superpower, China.It has succeeded in raising living standards whilst maintaining competitive edge.Minimum wage in part complements the tripartite relationship of unions , employers and workers by ensuring that workers can live decently.

During PRU 12, the Opposition’s manifesto included the introduction of a minimum wage system but they failed to wrest power at the Federal level.That was the last we heard of the minimum wage system.

Since there is a lack of will from the BN Federal Govt on this matter, it is only logical for voters to vote them out and install a new Federal Govt that have the political will to introduce such a system.

Workers and those joining the workforce should seriously consider this point before they put a cross on the ballot paper in next General Elections.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anwar's warning to PKR

During his key note address at the PKR Perak Convention on 14th November 2009, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim gave party members a stern warning - support the party's vision and struggle OR Leave the party.

In his 1-hour hard hitting speech, he said that he orginally remained silent when there were vocal opposing views from party members as he felt that such debates were part of a healthly democratic process.

He however felt that such open discussion had become counter productive when some members started to question the very basic struggles of the party and the country.

Anwar said it clear- PKR members must support the party position for a just Malaysia.Divisive views based on racial and narrow religious politics have no place in PKR.Members must conform OR leave.

Multiracialism and moderates are in. Racial politics and hardliners are out.Value based members are welcomed,dollar based members are out!Reformists are in, politicians are out!UMNO style politics have no place under the PKR's sun.

Kudos to Anwar. This is what the people want to hear and its good to hear it direct from him. Better late than never.

Lets see if the hard talk is backed by hard action.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Perak "Rampasan Kuasa" : A long wait for justice to be served

Perakians have to be patient for justice to be served.For those who are more skeptical,the wait is futile. In any case,below are the events of the day:

The Federal Court heard all submissions but reserved judgement to a later date.Earlier the 5 person panel dismissed Nizar's application for an 11 person Bench to hear his appeal

The 3 Appeal Court judges delayed submitting their written judgements. Written judgements only received in late June/early July.

Court of Appeal overturned the High Court decision and acknowledged Zamry as the legitimate MB

Zamry granted a stay of execution within 24hours on appeal at the Court of Appeal

2009-May-11 :
High Court declared that Nizar was the righful MB

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blast from the past: Open letter to the Pakatan MBs in 2008-Mar

Message to the YAB Menteri Besars & Chief Minister of Pakatan Rakyat

The 2008 political tsunami was a clear demonstration of the rakyat’s hunger for change and a resounding rejection of the status quo.

The Rakyat that voted you in does not expect you to give them contracts, crony status or other preferential treatment. For the most part, what they want is a better quality of life, and what better way than to start with the 6 states (incl. KL) that Pakatan Rakyat now controls.

Although some matters are under the Federal govt., there are other matters within the purview of the State govt., which can help to improve the quality of life and environment.

In my opinion, the YABs should focus their energies in the following areas within the control of the State Govt:

1.Make the neighborhood clean and livable. Ensure that the garbage are collected, reinforce the anti litter campaign and fine litter bugs. How about regulating painting of buildings? Some buildings are eyesores.

2.Ensure that eating outlets are clean and strictly supervised. Prices of food at govt. built eating outlets should be controlled and in return, rental should be nominal.

3.Rather than build new Parks, spend money to ensure that current parks are in tip top condition. Do park maintenance work on weekdays and during non peak period.

4.Provide at least one playing field in each neighborhood and maintain it properly.

5.Organize functions such as gotong royong, mass aerobics and family day etc to foster better relationship within the neighborhood.

6.Provide sufficient parking areas and slap heavy fines on inconsiderate drivers. Lower parking fees or no parking fees on off days, would help to reduce the burden of the rakyat.

7.Abolish the toilet fee. Make building owners responsible for maintenance of clean toilets. Public toilets should be adopted by private sector sponsors.

8.Do road works only on Weekends or at night. We don’t want road jams and accidents caused by improperly planned road works.

9.Make State Agencies more efficient and user friendly. 1st on my list would be the Local Councils. 2nd on my list would be the Land Office.Notoriously slow agencies only responds to “coffee money” or “cable pulling” to speed up the process.This should stop.

10.Make our neighborhood safer. Although, the Police Dept. comes under Federal responsibility, I believe that there are some things we can do at the State level to improve safety .We can incorporate security & safety features into the building design, adding Guard post, security cameras & fencing. Building owners should be made responsible for security and safety of their buildings.

These little things don't cost much but the rakyat will love you more for making Malaysia a better place to live in. And this love will translate into even more votes at the next general elections.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Najib says that even a criminal gets a second chance and that Isa is only contesting for the position of State assembly person and not for a Minister or MB's post. Does this means that Isa is too tainted to be an MB or a Minister but clean enough to be a state assembly person?

The Rakyat is fully aware that Isa was found guilty and suspended by UMNO for money politics. For the record, Isa faced 9 charges of money politics and was found guilty of 5 charges. He was suspended for 6 years and this was later reduced to 3 years upon appeal.

Money politics is a lame term for corruption. In plain English, he paid money to win his party elections. UMNO will not suspend a duly elected Vice–President over a technicality. Neither would Isa keep quiet over a technicality.

Let’s not forget that Dr. M & Ku Li both agree that Isa should not be given a second chance ,precisely because of his tainted past. There can be no compromise on trust and honesty.

This decision by Najib to select Isa confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not serious about combating corruption and reinforces what many of the Rakyat already feels – that the PM himself is tainted and therefore unfit to lead the nation.

That Isa himself decided to stand for elections is another surprise. For a person who was the MB for 22 years and now vying for a State assembly job, this does not reflect well on protocol and his self esteem. He would be better off playing the role of a party elder or simply playing golf.

The fact that UMNO had to recycle a tainted politician speak volumes of what most people already know –that UMNO is sorely lacking in leaders of high integrity and credibility.

63 years old and going down the same path as Japan’s LPD party?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Battle Royale at Bagan Pinang

This is a battle for the hearts and minds of the Malays: UMNO vs. PAS.

The stake is huge for UMNO. A loss in this UMNO stronghold has enormous psychological significance for UMNO and will certainly be its Waterloo.

Yes, it is an uphill task for Pakatan and this is what Pakatan fighters and sympathizers relish most. This is nothing new for the Reformasi movement – we had fought on an uneven ground for more than 10 years.

Remember DSAI’s famous words, “Kalau takut dengan risiko, jangan bicara tentang perjuangan” (If you are afraid of risks, don’t talk about going into battle)

It is time for all of us to stand up and be counted. All true blood Malaysians who are yearning for UMNO to be given a bloody nose, MUST, turun padang (go to the ground). The Rakyat’s clarion call for change must reach the voters of Bagan Pinang.

Let’s apply the strategy of overwhelming force and converge on the battle field in record numbers. Everyone must do their part no matter how small.

If you are in Bagan Pinang, report to the Markas (station) and volunteer you support. If you can’t be there, telephone the people you know in Bagan Pinang. If you know of someone who is going to campaign in Bagan Pinang, offer encouragement and support (better still, financial aid).

All hands on deck. Prepare for battle.

We can win. Impossible is nothing.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sultan Pahang-Support BN Govt.

In a BERNAMA report of 2009-Sept-24, Sultan Pahang urged his subjects to continue supporting BN,” so that more development projects can be implemented for their benefit”.

This is not the first time that the Sultan has openly taken a partisan stand in politics. Previously, he had openly asked his subjects to vote for BN.

Surely,the Sultan must know that he is the Head of State for all his subjects. As a constitutional monarch, he must respect the State Constitution and remain neutral. If he wishes to remain partisan, he must gentlemanly abdicate his position.

He is then free to join UMNO and if fielded, he can contest in the General Elections. I am sure that many of his subjects will relish the chance of standing against him and possibly trouncing him.

To maintain his dignity and position, he must stay above politics. He can’t have it both ways.

While the Rakyat respects his position as the Sultan, he must equally respect the rights of the Rakyat.Under the Constitution, the rights of the Rakyat is supreme.

Please be advised.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pakatan's ONE Federal Manifesto

The Rakyat is generally not satisfied with the state of affairs of the country .If we examine closely, most of them are not happy with the state of affairs of the following and want them reformed:

1. Judiciary
2. Police
3. Anti Corruption Commission (MACC)
4. Media
5. Economy
6. Civil Service/Ministries
7. Armed Forces

Unfortunately, almost all of them fall under the purview of the Federal Govt. This is where the dilemma is.

Therefore, to win support, Pakatan must be seen to be serious about taking over the Federal Govt. in the next General Elections. As a key strategy, focus on Federal matters must be given priority over State matters.

The stated reformation of the Federal bodies and national agencies must be clearly included in the Pakatan Federal manifesto. Whilst State manifesto caters for each respective State, ONE Federal manifesto will be the key to wrest power at the Federal govt.

Another key strategy must be stronger focus in East Malaysia. As a rule, focus on East Malaysia matters must be given priority over West Malaysia matters. There must be a clear plan to win over the people of Sabah and Sarawak.

If these two key strategies are executed well, a Federal takeover is within reach.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GE 2008 Predictions : Blast from the past

This simple flyer below was published on the eve of the last General Elections ( 2008-Mar-08):


1. B/N akan masih memerintah Malaysia
2. UMNO akan gantikan Pak Lah dengan PM baru
3. Kroni Pak Lah (saperti Khairy dsn)akan hilang kuasa
4. BN tidak boleh menukar dasar sesesukahati .
5. Pembankang akan memainkan peranan berkesan sebagai “check & balance”
6. Wakil Rakyat BN tidak boleh bersikap angkuh lagi
7. BN kena tadbir negara dengan telus
8. Institutsi Kerajaan dapat berfungsi tanpa campurtangan politik
9. BN akan buang wakil BN yang korup untuk mengambil hati Rakyat
10. Sistem Kehakiman kita akan pulih.

It is interesting to note that the top 5 predictions have actually occurred. The bottom 5 are still in a state of ‘touch and go’. So, there is still more work to be done on both sides of the fence.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Husni -Opposition tactics can destroy the country

In a Bernama report released on 2009-Sept-05, Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah was quoted as saying:

“The tactics and political gimmicks used by the opposition to attack the Barisan Nasional (BN) can jeopardise efforts in developing the country's economy and can destroy the country if the people were taken in by the opposition's gimmicks.

"They try to confuse the people by making various excuses to erode public confidence in the monarchy, judiciary, police force, military and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.”

Ahmad Husni said this when commenting on the action of the opposition members of the Perak State Assembly in holding a 'State Assembly sitting' at a hotel, here on Wednesday.

The Minister, who is the Tambun MP from Perak, is talking from a UMNO perspective and continues to be in a denial mode even after 8 by-elections.

The Rakyat is not stupid.It is the BN govt. that has eroded the Rakyat’s confidence of the public institutions.

Any person in the street can list at least 3 recent instances whereby public institutions were manipulated to serve UMNO and BN’s interests. These ranges from abuse of govt. facilities/ media , selective persecution / prosecution, crony appointments and awards etc.

These abuses must be corrected for Malaysia’s and Malaysians sake.

The Tambun MP, a key figure in the Perak UMNO/BN, is himself tainted. The Perak UMNO initiated takeover of the Perak State Govt. through unethical means removes any moral authority or creditability that he has to talk about public confidence.

The people of Perak will not forget people like Husni, Zamry and the likes of them and God willing, will reject them in the next General Elections.

There is a new dawn for Malaysia and people associated with Kerajaan “Rampasan Kuasa” Perak belongs to an inglorious past and will be rejected by the Rakyat of Perak.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rakyat must accede to what Najib wants

The Rakyat in Perak, Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan have kicked BN out of their respective States last year.

On 2009-Jan-29, Najib took over the Perak UMNO Liaison Chairmanship and engineered the down fall of the Pakatan Perak govt.BN succeeded in getting 3 ADUNs to jump ship.

On 2009-Apr-24, he took over Selangor UMNO Liaison Chairmanship. While officiating the Kuala Selangor UMNO Division meeting on 2009-Aug-09, he blatantly told the nation that Selangor is his next target.

So, based on past records, it is almost certain that some Selangor ADUNs will be persuaded to jump ship using the carrot and stick approach.

So, it appears that Najib is showing his hands again. To him, the end justifies the means.

It does not matter that these are legitimate govts. voted in by the Rakyat and appointed by the respective Sultans. It does not matter what means are used to persuade these ADUNs as long as they jump ship.

The worst of it all is that these are being done blatantly without regard to the values and norms of religion and ethical standards.

And this man is our Prime Minister and this man wants the Rakyat to put their faith and trust in him.

Surely, such disrespect of the Rakyat wishes and democratic process, will not go unpunished? Surely, BN must realize that the ground has shifted and the Rakyat no longer tolerates such shenanigans?

It appears that another disappearing act(a Najib's trackmark?)is on the cards ……

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Najib’s 1Malaysia

Our current Prime Minister has launched ‘his vision’ of a One Malaysia.

This is a dream for all Malaysians today,although our Bapa Kemerdekaan , Tunku Abdul Rahman,had actually lived it for the most part of his prime ministership.

Tunku was our Bapa Muhibbah and Bapa Toleransi. He was the role model and most people of his era lived it too. During my childhood days in Penang, I truly felt that we were a tolerant and multiracial society. It was common then to have close friends from all races and common then to visit these friends during normal days as well as festivals.

Even after 1969, I felt that this spirit (tolerant and multiracial society) was there. In my opinion, the Malays, Chinese and Indians slowly drifted apart in the 80’s and became polarized from the 90’s onwards. For the most part, this happened under the stewardship of the 4th Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir, who ruled for 22 years.

Clearly, the Alliance/BN model is out of date. Race based politics is the main hindrance to a multiracial society. Based on the ruling BN’s formula, there is not ONE Malaysia but FOUR Malaysia:

1st Malaysia for UMNOputras
2nd Malaysia for Malays
3rd Malaysia for Non Malays
4th Malaysia for East Malaysians

For Najib to achieve One Malaysia is a tall order .Can he get UMNO in particular and BN in general to be committed to this agenda? Does he have the credibility for Malaysians to put their trust in him? Does he have a clear plan of how he plans to achieve this?

I would certainly not put my money on him. Sadly, this will be another empty slogan, which sounds nice but will come to nought under Najib’s watch. This is not surprising, when we recall past slogans/ visions that fell really short:

Bersih Cekap dan Amanah (Mahathir)
Wawasan 2020 (Mahathir)
Cemerlang,Gemilang dan Terbilang ( Pak Lah)
Islam Hadhari (Pak Lah)

The way forward?

Two prerequisites must happen to the political landscape. Firstly, the emergence of a two party system for proper checks and balance. Secondly, political parties that are truly multiracial.

The emergence of Pakatan meets the first criteria. Only PKR meets the second criteria. The logical option is to vote for Pakatan and let PKR take the lead. Gladly, more and more Malaysians are voting for this change.

For BN to survive, it must get out of race based parties and become a truly multiracial party. Knowing current Malaysian politics, this shift is next to impossible.But achievable, if we truly want a tolerant and multiracial society that can take on the world.

Diversity can be a strength NOT a weakness, the crux of Tunku’s Malaysia.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sultan Perak tell judges to remain politically impartial

At special seminar on the federal constitution organised by the Perak State Secretariat on 21st July 2009, Sultan Azlan Shah was quoted by BERNAMA as saying:

" The major and heaviest test for a judge was remaining impartial, especially in terms of emotion and inclination .Judges hold great responsibility in upholding the rule of law and integrity of the courts and their failure to do so will result in an imbalance."

Whilst I sincerely support the statement made by HRH Sultan Perak, these very words sound hollow in light of the recent BN takeover (coup) of Perak State.I fear that the majority of Perakians and Malaysians take the statement of HRH Sultan Perak only at face value and many would label it as a case of " Cakap tak serupa bikin".

For an eminent and esteem public figure, this fall from the graces of the Rakyat, must surely hurt.

The way forward for HRH Sultan Perak, to regain the esteem and confidence of his Rakyat, is to do what the majority of Perakians want and that is to dissolve the Perak DUN and hold re-elections.

All HRH Sultan Perak need to do is ask his Rakyat- 8 out of 10 of them will tell him that this is what they want. I pray that HRH Sultan Perak will respect the wishes of his Rakyat.

This is the ONLY just way out of this political quagmire in Perak :


Monday, July 20, 2009

Teoh Beng Hock -Enough is enough

Teoh Beng Hock, 30,was found dead on 16th July 2009 hours after being questioned by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). MACC chief commissioner Ahmad Said Hamdan claimed that Teoh was released before he met his death.Sadly, a man who was going to get married the next day,paid the ultimate price.

Teoh was the political secretary of Selangor exco member Ean Yong Hean Wah . It seems that Ean together with his other Chinese Selangor Exco members/ ADUNs are being investigated by MACC for alleged misappropriation of state funds.In Teoh's case, it was to investigate the way the Sri Kembangan state assemblyman, his boss, managed his state allocation(RM2,400.00 for flags/buntings expenses).

The MACC action raises the issue of selective persecution and prosecution ONCE again.

Kit Siang's press statement says it all : " He also urged Najib to order the MACC to "stop the war against Pakatan", adding that the anti-graft body has "become Umno's tool to topple the Selangor government".

The Rakyat is increasingly alarmed at seeing the MACC and other arms of the govt. being used by the BN govt. to intimidate opposition politicians.This manipulation and preservation of power was starkly evident during the Perak coup. The fact that professionals heading key institutions ,allowed themselves to be used by the political masters instead of serving the Rakyat, does not speak well of Malaysia and Malaysians as a whole.

One can't blame the Rakyat for their anger.

Whatever said, a life has been lost and lets not wait for more lives to be lost.We must remember Teoh Beng Hock and those before him. In their names, we must act .Lets promise ourselves that come what may ,we shall vote BN out.

Enough is enough.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What statement did Manek Urai make?

UMNO did not win the Manek Urai by-election even though the BN/ Govt machinery went full throttle to carve out a desperate win for the new PM, Dato Seri Najib .A loss to PAS by 65 votes is a story of so near and yet so far ,although commendable ,against the previous loss of 1352 votes.

What statement did Manek Urai make?

If one takes into account that Manek Urai is a 95% Malay seat (12,293 registered voters) , the by-election showed that the Malays are still split 50: 50.It is also generally accepted that the Chinese and Indians in the country have by and large deserted BN.

If we take this two facts and generalise it for the whole country, we can conclude that about 70% of the people ( Malays, Chinese and Indians) are still against BN.Against this backdrop ,it would be fair assumption to say that BN will be swept out of power by the next general elections.

Manek Urai may still turn out to be the Waterloo for BN.

Unless of course BN manages to pull a rabbit out of the hat and/or Pakatan shoots itself in the foot....

Remember Perak. Vote Pakatan!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Calling on Anwar

The last couple of months have not been boring. The Rakyat has been entertained by the Pakatan’s political drama. This soap opera is nauseating. These people forgot who put them in power. And the Rakyat can take it away. If the Barisan Alternatif lesson did not sink in, Pakatan will have to learn the bitter truth once again.

Which bring the question of what Dato Seri Anwar; Prime Minister-in-waiting is doing about it?

The political tsunami of March 08 2008 proved that the people wanted change, not just any change but change for the better. Anwar read the shift correctly and rode on this wave. But the last couple of months, it seems that he has lost the initiative. Pakatan has got itself into a quagmire and it appears that the top leadership have become more distant and out of touch with the people.

As Pakatan’s Supremo, Dato Seri Anwar must rope in the mavericks within Pakatan. Those who caused disunity within the ranks or damaged the image of the party must be taken to task .We must be united and speak with ONE voice.

I expect DSAI to solidify Pakatan’s base and make Pakatan a true coalition and not a loose band of politicians. I expect DSAI to take the fight to BN and not the other way around. The best form of defence is offense.

DSAI has abundantly demonstrated his magic over the years. We know what he is capable of and we want him to once again, lead. Not for the politicians but for the Rakyat who still believes in him and whose hopes he carries.

Remember: We have done it before and we can do it again!

Bujoy in heaven

One day before US Independence Day ,two days before my daughter Lyana's birthday and one week after MJ's demise, my family's beloved cat of 16 years, Bu Joy (Bu= Elder sister) passed away.In human terms, she was a grand 96 year old when she went to heaven.( 1 cat yr = 6 human yr).

Bujoy was admitted into an Ipoh clinic on 2nd July 2009 (Thurs) for constipation problems and was put on the drip.We were told that she would be discharged on Saturday but this was not to be. The clinic called to say that she died on the morning of 3rd July 2009.With much sadness, we laid her to rest at our retirement home in Lembah Beringin,a few minutes before the azan(call for prayer) for Friday prayers .

Bujoy has been with the family for 16 wonderful years and has given us so much joy.She was no ordinary cat. She has been there and she has seen it all. She has travelled and lived in many parts of West Malaysia.The last 10 years or so, she commuted ,as we did, between Ipoh and KL.

Our nephews,nieces,aunties,brothers, sisters,in-laws, relatives and friends....those who are close to the Hakim's family...know Bujoy.She was the mascot of the OFA clan and was regarded as the 'youngest daughter 'of the Hakims. The messages of condolences that we received from many parts of the world is testimony that she had indeed touched many hearts.

Over the years, as she aged, she underwent no less than 3 operations for constipation problems.The doctor wanted to put her to sleep 3 years ago but we decided to leave her in the hands of God. Her 'mum' played a sterling role in keeping her healthy and well.That meant regular enema and showers.Bujoy knows the drill all too well and would hide under the bed.We had to drag her out and sometimes ,we even had to use a water pistol to dislodge her from her refuge.

Although Bujoy is no longer with us, her presence will always be etched in our hearts forever.Her boyish meows will eternally echo in our ears and we shall always treasure the pleasure, fun and joy that she had brought us.

We missed her at our subuh and magrib prayers, in that I mean ,her stretching herself on the sejadah(prayer mat) while we did our prayers.We missed her soft furry body in our beds at night, where she would sometimes wedge herself and sleep with us. We missed playing hide and seek with her when she becomes playful.We missed her show of manja (affection) by purring and massaging us with her paws.Above all, we missed her presence and innocence.

All things must come to pass and Bujoy is now in heaven.

Rest in peace Little One. Amin(Amen).

Monday, June 15, 2009

Manek Urai -Waterloo for UMNO?

Another battle to win the hearts of the Malays is in the offing, this time at Manek Urai in Kelantan.

The last battle at Penanti was a no-contest because UMNO backed out to ‘save the tax payers money ‘(read – can’t win). This time, at Manek Urai, UMNO feels that this election is “money well spent” (read – can win).

As 95% of the 12,293 registered voters in Manek Urai are Malays, this will really be a battle between PAS & UMNO.

For UMNO, it realizes that Manek Urai can be its Waterloo and they must win this seat. Anything else would mean disaster.For PAS, a clear victory would mean that they and not UMNO have the support of the Malays. This victory will further boost PAKATAN’s morale and signal that they are on course to take over Putrajaya.

With the overthrow of the Perak State Govt. fresh in the minds of all Malaysians, the Malays of Manek Urai will the opportunity to punish UMNO for this injustice, just like their brethren in Bukit Gantang and Penanti have.

My message to the voters of Manek Urai:

Remember Perak. Vote Pakatan!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Perak Sultan says respect the Constitution

"The Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, said any move which questions the interests of the Malays (in terms of scholarships and places of study )not only violates the fundamental provisions in the federal and state constitutions but also questions the sovereignty of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Malay Rulers."

After hearing Tuanku talk about respecting the Constitution, I am sure many Perakians are wondering why Tuanku was acutely silent when the Perak constitutional crisis occurred. Tuanku should have made an even more stronger statement about respecting the sovereignty of the Perak Constitution and Perak State Assembly.

As the constitutional monarch of Perak,this would be more fitting ,rather than comment on the Federal Constitution, of which the King is the constitutional monarch.

It is of course a common human trait to comment on others and Tuanku is after all, only human. As they say, 'Gajah didepan mata tak nampak.Kuman diseberang laut nampak".

Haze and hazier political days ahead

The haze is here again.

Has been here in and out the last 5 years or so , and I guess will become part of the annual climatic changes of SEA.

Just like the haze, the political climate is getting hazier by the minute.Mr. Bulldozer ( Hadi Awang) is at it again. During 2004 elections, he single-handedly destroyed the Opposition Front by stubbornly insisting on his Islamic State agenda.The net result - the non malays and the liberal malays deserted the Opposition Front.

Now, he talks about the Unity Govt.Again , he stubbornly defended this 'sell-out cloak and dagger' discussion with UMNO.Not only that, after the Perak Coup by UMNO, he still insists on having Unity talks!

Is Hadi Awang an UMNO mole? One can't help but wonder if this Tok Guru is playing to UMNO's tune or plain caterpillar bulldozer!

I hope my PAS friends have enough of Hadi and let their voices be heard. I know that I have enough of the man. I hope that PAS ditch him and replace him with Tok Guru Nik Aziz and Husam.

Monday, March 2, 2009

S.O.S to the Sultan of Perak

Any person who loves this silver state, democracy and the rule of law, must surely be appalled by events that are fast unfolding before our very eyes.

What Perakians want is simply the right to vote in the govt. of their choice. Is this too much to ask? Is this a crime?

Events appear to be rapidly getting out of control. The cat and mouse constitutional game is gambling away the peace and stability of this calm state. Court actions, police actions, partisan govt. officers, threats and other inducements are being used to stifle the voice of the people.

The latest action of sealing off the State Assembly building and actions against the Speaker is raising the temperature.

The only hope is for the Sultan to intervene and get both sides to agree to let the rakyat decide.

Is this asking too much of DYMM Sultan Perak?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jalan jalan di Pasar Kg. Manjoi pada Hari Ahad, 2009-Feb-15

Pada pagi ini, saya berkunjung ke Pasar Kg. Manjoi. Setiba saya di sana, saya dapati Pasar tersebut penuh sesak dengan suri rumah dan keluarga yang datang untuk sarapan pagi serta membeli barang dapur.

Saya juga melihat para aktivis politik menyebar risalah mengenai isu kemelut politik di Perak.Dari pengiraan saya, kalau 100 orang yang diberi risalah hanya 5 orang sahaja yang enggan menerimanya. Saya tidak melihat seorang pun yang membuang risalah yang diterimanya.

Komen komen yang saya dengar semuanya memihak kepada Dato Seri Nizar dan mereka dukacita dengan tindakan DYMM Sultan dan BN.Rata rata mahu DUN dibubarkan dan rakyat di beri peluang untuk memilih kerajaan baru. Komen yang sama saya dengar dari penyokong BN (penjual Pasar).

Nampaknya, orang Manjoi sudah celik.Penjual ikan yang saya berbual berpendapat sokongan terhadap Pakatan Rakyat semakin kuat dan DUN Manjoi boleh jatuh ke tangan Pakatan sekiranya pilihanraya di adakan dalam masa yang terdekat.

Kesimpulanya, bubarkan DUN Perak dan adakan pilihanraya semula. Biar Yop dan Yong menentukan siapa patut memerintah.Seharusnya Bn menyahut cabaran ini dengan bersetuju membubarkan DUN PERAK.

Pulangkan kuasa kepada rakyat!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sanggupkah Pendekar UMNO Perak turun gelanggang?

Sanggupkah Pendekar UMNO Perak turun gelanggang?

Benarkah Rakyat Perak mengucapkan tahniah kepada Dr. Zamry Abd. Kadir,YAB Menteri Besar dan Majlis Kerajaan Negeri Perak BN yang di lantik oleh DYMM Sultan Perak pada Feb-09?

Rakyat Perak ingin memperingkatkan Dr. Zamry dan Exco nya bahawa Kerajaan mereka adalah kerajaan yang ditubuhkan melalui pintu belakang.Walaupun mereka dilantik oleh DYMM Sultan Perak, kerajaan mereka tidak direstui oleh rakyat Perak.

Pada PRU 12, rakyat Perak telah memberi mandat kepada Pakatan Rakyat untuk memerintah Negeri Perak dan bukan kepada BN.Sebagai orang yang berani dan wibawa,tentu sekali Dr. Zamry dan ahli ahli Exconya akan merasa kurang senang dengan label “Kerajaan Pintu Belakang”.

Oleh demikian, kami Rakyat Perak ingin mengesyorkan supaya beliau memohon kepada DYMM Sultan Perak untuk membubarkan DUN Perak.Keberanian Dr. Zamry dan rakan rakanya masuk gelanggang untuk bertarung semula akan menerima tabit hormat daripada rakyat Perak.Barulah mereka layak digelar Pendekar UMNO Perak.

Menang atau kalah itu adat pertarungan.Dimata rakyat mereka dikira telah menang.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Budaya Rasuah Politik UMNO

Rakyat Malaysia sudah bosan dengan budaya politik wang (rasuah politik ) yang diamalkan dalam arena politik terutama sekali dengan parti pemerintah.Masalah ini telah capai suatu peringkat serius dalam parti UMNO, dimana MACC ( Anti Rasuah) telah diarahkan untuk memain pernanan membenteras gejala rasuah di dalam pilihanraya parti UMNO.

Setelah kekalahan BN/UMNO dalam PRU 12 pada 2008-Mar-08,pemerintah UMNO telah membuat kenyataan demi kenyataan bahawa mereka telah mendengar suara rakyat dan akan berubah haluan .Pemerintah UMNO telah berikrar untuk menghapuskan gejala rasuah ini.

Apakah hasil nya selepas 11 bulan?

Padangan Rakyat ialah usaha usaha tersebut hanya cakap kosong untuk menyedapkan hati Rakyat tetapi hasil nya tiada ,sebab pemimpin UMNO sendiri sudah terikat dengan gejala tersebut.Budaya rasuah dalam UMNO susah untuk dikikis.Kalau di Peringkat Parti pun boleh gagal, usaha di Peringkat Kerajaan tidak akan berjaya sama sekali.


Sebabnya minda& hati pemerintah UMNO tidak berubah.Cakap tak serupa bikin.Kontrovesi saperti Eurokopter,pembelian kapal selam, saluran wang Kerajaan Persekutuan terus kepada badan badan BN,pembunuhan wanita Mongolia, keculikan mata gelap, rasuah dalam pemilihan UMNO dsn. telah membuktikan bahawa budaya ini bermula daripada pihak tertinggi UMNO.

Jadi, tidak hairanlah kenapa dan atas sebab apa 4 ADUN Perak lompat kepada BN baru baru ini.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Rata rata rakyat Malaysia menyatakan bahawa lompat parti atau ‘hijrah’ parti itu satu tindakan yang tidak beretika. Tetapi kita dapati parti politik samada pemerintah ataupun pembangkang pernah mengunakan strategi ini untuk mengambil alih kuasa.

DSAI sendiri telah mengunakan taktik kejut/gertak ( Sept-16 ) untuk mengambil alih kuasa kerajaan Malaysia.BN termakan dengan taktik ini sehingga sekumpulan wakil Rakyat telah di hantar keluar negeri.TDM , PM dan DPM begitu runsing sekali dengan kemungkinan ini.

Kita tahu bahawa sekiranya lompatan itu berlaku, BN akan memohon kepada DYMM SPB YDP Agong untuk membubarkan Parlimen dan Tuanku akan memperkenan permohonan tersebut.

Walau bagaimana pun, Sept-16 tidak berlaku dan tiada apa yang perlu di perkatakan lagi. Acah bukan salah.

Pada Feb-05 , 4 Adun Perak daripada Pakatan Rakyat telah lompat kepada BN menyebabkan Pakatan Rakyat hilang majoriti. MB Perak telah memohon kepada DYMM Sultan Perak untuk membubarkan DUN Perak tetapi Tuanku tidak memperkenankan nya. Kerana 4 orang ini,Kerajaan Pakatan yang diberi mandat oleh rakyat telah tumbang.

BN telah menubuhkan Kerajaan Perak pada hari ini, Feb-06, melalui pintu belakang ( lompatan katak). Adakah ini beretika? Rata rata rakyat Perak rasa tertipu. Mandat yang mereka berikan kepada Pakatan Rakyat tidak dihormati oleh BN dan tidak dipertahankan oleh DYMM Sultan Perak.

Lompatan bukan lah suatu amalan yang baik .Lompatan yang menyebabkan kejatuhan Kerajaan yang sah adalah suatu kesalahan besar. Perlembagaan patut dipinda supaya lompatan yang menyebabkan kerajaan sah hilang majoriti, akan menyebabkan kerusi berkenaan dikosongkan secara automatik dan pilihanraya kecil diadakan.

Menang sorak, kampong tergadai

“Lompatan bukan cara sah untuk menubuhkan kerajaan.Pilihanraya adalah jalan yang sah.” Itu adalah kata kata bijak daripada Ku Li.

Oleh demikian , tindakan Dato Seri Nizar untuk tidak meletakan jawatan merupakan satu keputusan yang baik ,walaupun ianya bercanggah dengan titah DYMM Sultan Perak.

Kenapa pula kerajaan yang sah (halal) , mesti digantikan dengan kerajaan baru yang tidak sah ( haram)? Keputusan DYMM untuk tidak membubarkan DUN Perak merupakan suatu keputusan yang tidak baik , kerana ianya seolah olah menghalalkan apa yang haram.Keputusan Tuanku sepatutnya dibuat atas landasan moral atau hasrat rakyat dan bukan berdasarkan prosedur Perlembagaan.

Kemelut politik di Perak ini tidak akan berakhir dengan perlantikan Kerajaan BN pada Feb-06 . Krisis ini akan berlarutan sehingga kuasa di serahkan kembali kepada rakyat untuk menentukan kerajaan pilihan mereka.

Kuasa rakyat dapat dikembalikan sekiranya 2 Adun BN keluar parti .Yang pasti, sekiranya Pilihanraya di adakan di Perak, rakyat Perak akan menghukum BN dan akan memperolehi majoriti 2/3.

Pakatan Rakyat disarankan untuk guna pakai Tragedi Perak untuk menghasilkan Tsunami Kedua, yang akan memberi pukulan KO kepada BN pada PRU 13 yang akan datang. Bak perpatah, “ Menang sorak, kampong tergadai”.