Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sultan Perak tell judges to remain politically impartial

At special seminar on the federal constitution organised by the Perak State Secretariat on 21st July 2009, Sultan Azlan Shah was quoted by BERNAMA as saying:

" The major and heaviest test for a judge was remaining impartial, especially in terms of emotion and inclination .Judges hold great responsibility in upholding the rule of law and integrity of the courts and their failure to do so will result in an imbalance."

Whilst I sincerely support the statement made by HRH Sultan Perak, these very words sound hollow in light of the recent BN takeover (coup) of Perak State.I fear that the majority of Perakians and Malaysians take the statement of HRH Sultan Perak only at face value and many would label it as a case of " Cakap tak serupa bikin".

For an eminent and esteem public figure, this fall from the graces of the Rakyat, must surely hurt.

The way forward for HRH Sultan Perak, to regain the esteem and confidence of his Rakyat, is to do what the majority of Perakians want and that is to dissolve the Perak DUN and hold re-elections.

All HRH Sultan Perak need to do is ask his Rakyat- 8 out of 10 of them will tell him that this is what they want. I pray that HRH Sultan Perak will respect the wishes of his Rakyat.

This is the ONLY just way out of this political quagmire in Perak :


Monday, July 20, 2009

Teoh Beng Hock -Enough is enough

Teoh Beng Hock, 30,was found dead on 16th July 2009 hours after being questioned by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). MACC chief commissioner Ahmad Said Hamdan claimed that Teoh was released before he met his death.Sadly, a man who was going to get married the next day,paid the ultimate price.

Teoh was the political secretary of Selangor exco member Ean Yong Hean Wah . It seems that Ean together with his other Chinese Selangor Exco members/ ADUNs are being investigated by MACC for alleged misappropriation of state funds.In Teoh's case, it was to investigate the way the Sri Kembangan state assemblyman, his boss, managed his state allocation(RM2,400.00 for flags/buntings expenses).

The MACC action raises the issue of selective persecution and prosecution ONCE again.

Kit Siang's press statement says it all : " He also urged Najib to order the MACC to "stop the war against Pakatan", adding that the anti-graft body has "become Umno's tool to topple the Selangor government".

The Rakyat is increasingly alarmed at seeing the MACC and other arms of the govt. being used by the BN govt. to intimidate opposition politicians.This manipulation and preservation of power was starkly evident during the Perak coup. The fact that professionals heading key institutions ,allowed themselves to be used by the political masters instead of serving the Rakyat, does not speak well of Malaysia and Malaysians as a whole.

One can't blame the Rakyat for their anger.

Whatever said, a life has been lost and lets not wait for more lives to be lost.We must remember Teoh Beng Hock and those before him. In their names, we must act .Lets promise ourselves that come what may ,we shall vote BN out.

Enough is enough.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What statement did Manek Urai make?

UMNO did not win the Manek Urai by-election even though the BN/ Govt machinery went full throttle to carve out a desperate win for the new PM, Dato Seri Najib .A loss to PAS by 65 votes is a story of so near and yet so far ,although commendable ,against the previous loss of 1352 votes.

What statement did Manek Urai make?

If one takes into account that Manek Urai is a 95% Malay seat (12,293 registered voters) , the by-election showed that the Malays are still split 50: 50.It is also generally accepted that the Chinese and Indians in the country have by and large deserted BN.

If we take this two facts and generalise it for the whole country, we can conclude that about 70% of the people ( Malays, Chinese and Indians) are still against BN.Against this backdrop ,it would be fair assumption to say that BN will be swept out of power by the next general elections.

Manek Urai may still turn out to be the Waterloo for BN.

Unless of course BN manages to pull a rabbit out of the hat and/or Pakatan shoots itself in the foot....

Remember Perak. Vote Pakatan!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Calling on Anwar

The last couple of months have not been boring. The Rakyat has been entertained by the Pakatan’s political drama. This soap opera is nauseating. These people forgot who put them in power. And the Rakyat can take it away. If the Barisan Alternatif lesson did not sink in, Pakatan will have to learn the bitter truth once again.

Which bring the question of what Dato Seri Anwar; Prime Minister-in-waiting is doing about it?

The political tsunami of March 08 2008 proved that the people wanted change, not just any change but change for the better. Anwar read the shift correctly and rode on this wave. But the last couple of months, it seems that he has lost the initiative. Pakatan has got itself into a quagmire and it appears that the top leadership have become more distant and out of touch with the people.

As Pakatan’s Supremo, Dato Seri Anwar must rope in the mavericks within Pakatan. Those who caused disunity within the ranks or damaged the image of the party must be taken to task .We must be united and speak with ONE voice.

I expect DSAI to solidify Pakatan’s base and make Pakatan a true coalition and not a loose band of politicians. I expect DSAI to take the fight to BN and not the other way around. The best form of defence is offense.

DSAI has abundantly demonstrated his magic over the years. We know what he is capable of and we want him to once again, lead. Not for the politicians but for the Rakyat who still believes in him and whose hopes he carries.

Remember: We have done it before and we can do it again!

Bujoy in heaven

One day before US Independence Day ,two days before my daughter Lyana's birthday and one week after MJ's demise, my family's beloved cat of 16 years, Bu Joy (Bu= Elder sister) passed away.In human terms, she was a grand 96 year old when she went to heaven.( 1 cat yr = 6 human yr).

Bujoy was admitted into an Ipoh clinic on 2nd July 2009 (Thurs) for constipation problems and was put on the drip.We were told that she would be discharged on Saturday but this was not to be. The clinic called to say that she died on the morning of 3rd July 2009.With much sadness, we laid her to rest at our retirement home in Lembah Beringin,a few minutes before the azan(call for prayer) for Friday prayers .

Bujoy has been with the family for 16 wonderful years and has given us so much joy.She was no ordinary cat. She has been there and she has seen it all. She has travelled and lived in many parts of West Malaysia.The last 10 years or so, she commuted ,as we did, between Ipoh and KL.

Our nephews,nieces,aunties,brothers, sisters,in-laws, relatives and friends....those who are close to the Hakim's family...know Bujoy.She was the mascot of the OFA clan and was regarded as the 'youngest daughter 'of the Hakims. The messages of condolences that we received from many parts of the world is testimony that she had indeed touched many hearts.

Over the years, as she aged, she underwent no less than 3 operations for constipation problems.The doctor wanted to put her to sleep 3 years ago but we decided to leave her in the hands of God. Her 'mum' played a sterling role in keeping her healthy and well.That meant regular enema and showers.Bujoy knows the drill all too well and would hide under the bed.We had to drag her out and sometimes ,we even had to use a water pistol to dislodge her from her refuge.

Although Bujoy is no longer with us, her presence will always be etched in our hearts forever.Her boyish meows will eternally echo in our ears and we shall always treasure the pleasure, fun and joy that she had brought us.

We missed her at our subuh and magrib prayers, in that I mean ,her stretching herself on the sejadah(prayer mat) while we did our prayers.We missed her soft furry body in our beds at night, where she would sometimes wedge herself and sleep with us. We missed playing hide and seek with her when she becomes playful.We missed her show of manja (affection) by purring and massaging us with her paws.Above all, we missed her presence and innocence.

All things must come to pass and Bujoy is now in heaven.

Rest in peace Little One. Amin(Amen).