Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lingam-gate tapes

In a week where the KLSE is going south, I must thank Lingam & his cronies for putting a smile on my face.

I picture Lingam looking at the mirror and saying, " It looks like me ,it sounds like me but are you sure it is me ?" Going fast forward, I can see Lingam saying the same thing to his reflection in the mirror at Tanjung Rambutan.

It also tickles me that some enterprising Malaysian ,in the spirit of Malaysia Boleh, has cashed in on Lingam's popularity to come up with "Lingam spoke to me" T-shirts.

As for the former PM's ," Melayu mudah lupa", a "Dr.M mudah lupa" is such a fitting response.

The explanation of Tun Eusoff is another joke.Luckily for Malaysia,he has retired from the bench but unluckily for Tun , the circus magician failed to make the little bird disappear from the hat.

With the circus in town, Malaysians can look forward to another week of top rated comedy. Look out for the next episode of the Lingam-gate show! Meantime, could someone get Lingam to speak to me pleasseeee.............