Monday, November 30, 2009

Minimum Pay and employment

Pay and employment in on the agenda of many Malaysians, especially young adults and those with growing children.

As for pay, incomes have not risen in tandem with rising prices. 25 years ago, a University graduate was paid RM 1700.Today, 25 years later, after the economic bubble have deflated, many graduates are being offered RM 1,700 for entry positions.Worse, there are graduates working as Factory Operators, something unheard of 25 years ago.

After paying for lodging, transport and living expenses, there is nothing left for the employee.In a way,not much different from the master and servant(slave?) relationship - servant works and the master take care of everything else.

While there many ideas on the way forward,the govt. must ensure that Malaysians be given priority over foreign workers. The govt. must regulate the intake of foreigners into the job market.This will ensure that wages are not artifically held down by employing foreigners who are prepared to accept lower pay.

Secondly, it is important for the govt to introduce a minimum wage system. This was introduced in many countries including the newest superpower, China.It has succeeded in raising living standards whilst maintaining competitive edge.Minimum wage in part complements the tripartite relationship of unions , employers and workers by ensuring that workers can live decently.

During PRU 12, the Opposition’s manifesto included the introduction of a minimum wage system but they failed to wrest power at the Federal level.That was the last we heard of the minimum wage system.

Since there is a lack of will from the BN Federal Govt on this matter, it is only logical for voters to vote them out and install a new Federal Govt that have the political will to introduce such a system.

Workers and those joining the workforce should seriously consider this point before they put a cross on the ballot paper in next General Elections.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anwar's warning to PKR

During his key note address at the PKR Perak Convention on 14th November 2009, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim gave party members a stern warning - support the party's vision and struggle OR Leave the party.

In his 1-hour hard hitting speech, he said that he orginally remained silent when there were vocal opposing views from party members as he felt that such debates were part of a healthly democratic process.

He however felt that such open discussion had become counter productive when some members started to question the very basic struggles of the party and the country.

Anwar said it clear- PKR members must support the party position for a just Malaysia.Divisive views based on racial and narrow religious politics have no place in PKR.Members must conform OR leave.

Multiracialism and moderates are in. Racial politics and hardliners are out.Value based members are welcomed,dollar based members are out!Reformists are in, politicians are out!UMNO style politics have no place under the PKR's sun.

Kudos to Anwar. This is what the people want to hear and its good to hear it direct from him. Better late than never.

Lets see if the hard talk is backed by hard action.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Perak "Rampasan Kuasa" : A long wait for justice to be served

Perakians have to be patient for justice to be served.For those who are more skeptical,the wait is futile. In any case,below are the events of the day:

The Federal Court heard all submissions but reserved judgement to a later date.Earlier the 5 person panel dismissed Nizar's application for an 11 person Bench to hear his appeal

The 3 Appeal Court judges delayed submitting their written judgements. Written judgements only received in late June/early July.

Court of Appeal overturned the High Court decision and acknowledged Zamry as the legitimate MB

Zamry granted a stay of execution within 24hours on appeal at the Court of Appeal

2009-May-11 :
High Court declared that Nizar was the righful MB