Saturday, May 17, 2008

Joke Corner: Ask the donkey

The class was discussing the issue of motivation.The lecturer illustrated the carrot and stick approach used on the donkey.

He told them that the carrot was dangled in front of the donkey to motivate it to walk .Sometimes, the stick was used to hit the donkey to walk.

He then turned to the class and asked them which approach is better.

Instead of giving his views, a smart ass student replied, "Why are you asking us Sir ? Logically, you should ask the donkey .The donkey can tell you which method works best for him !?!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Datukship for Nicol David?

I would like to suggest to the Penang State Govt to award Nicol David with a Datukship.

It boggles my mind that Malaysia’s best achiever and world class sporting personality has not been given the due recognition that she truly deserves. I have read of lesser mortals who have been conferred Datukship for some some obscure reason or silly feats ,so it does beg the question of why we missed this opportunity?

Can the Penang govt. live up to its motto of “Penang Leads” and give the daughter of Desmond David her due?

This would be the right thing to do and Penangnites will be thankful to the Pakatan State Govt.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Response to Mahathir's letter to the Sun Newspaper

Mahathir’s letter to The Sun newspaper published today , May 9th ,is not a surprise given his well known penchant for selective memory.

Undoubtedly, Mahathir does have an impact in Malaysian politics. BN’s major victory in 2004 was in part due to his exit after 22 years and Pak Lah’s promise of a better Malaysia, in a post Mahathir era.

The ‘Melayu Mudah Lupa’ ex Premier needs to be reminded that it was not just his
UMNOputra supporters who voted against the BN in the last elections.

To be exact, 51 % of Peninsular Malaysians of all races, religions and creed voted against the BN. They are UMNOputras, BN members, Opposition members and non party members.

Why did the Rakyat vote against BN? After 2 months of reflection, I believe most Malaysians know why. The dissatisfaction ranges from economic pressures, govt. abuses & misdeeds, broken promises as well as leadership failure.

One clear outcome of the 12th PRU is that ordinary Malaysians now realize that the real power is in their hands. If they unite, they can unleash a potent tsunami that can flush the corrupt, arrogant and mean into history.