Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blast from the past: Open letter to the Pakatan MBs in 2008-Mar

Message to the YAB Menteri Besars & Chief Minister of Pakatan Rakyat

The 2008 political tsunami was a clear demonstration of the rakyat’s hunger for change and a resounding rejection of the status quo.

The Rakyat that voted you in does not expect you to give them contracts, crony status or other preferential treatment. For the most part, what they want is a better quality of life, and what better way than to start with the 6 states (incl. KL) that Pakatan Rakyat now controls.

Although some matters are under the Federal govt., there are other matters within the purview of the State govt., which can help to improve the quality of life and environment.

In my opinion, the YABs should focus their energies in the following areas within the control of the State Govt:

1.Make the neighborhood clean and livable. Ensure that the garbage are collected, reinforce the anti litter campaign and fine litter bugs. How about regulating painting of buildings? Some buildings are eyesores.

2.Ensure that eating outlets are clean and strictly supervised. Prices of food at govt. built eating outlets should be controlled and in return, rental should be nominal.

3.Rather than build new Parks, spend money to ensure that current parks are in tip top condition. Do park maintenance work on weekdays and during non peak period.

4.Provide at least one playing field in each neighborhood and maintain it properly.

5.Organize functions such as gotong royong, mass aerobics and family day etc to foster better relationship within the neighborhood.

6.Provide sufficient parking areas and slap heavy fines on inconsiderate drivers. Lower parking fees or no parking fees on off days, would help to reduce the burden of the rakyat.

7.Abolish the toilet fee. Make building owners responsible for maintenance of clean toilets. Public toilets should be adopted by private sector sponsors.

8.Do road works only on Weekends or at night. We don’t want road jams and accidents caused by improperly planned road works.

9.Make State Agencies more efficient and user friendly. 1st on my list would be the Local Councils. 2nd on my list would be the Land Office.Notoriously slow agencies only responds to “coffee money” or “cable pulling” to speed up the process.This should stop.

10.Make our neighborhood safer. Although, the Police Dept. comes under Federal responsibility, I believe that there are some things we can do at the State level to improve safety .We can incorporate security & safety features into the building design, adding Guard post, security cameras & fencing. Building owners should be made responsible for security and safety of their buildings.

These little things don't cost much but the rakyat will love you more for making Malaysia a better place to live in. And this love will translate into even more votes at the next general elections.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Najib says that even a criminal gets a second chance and that Isa is only contesting for the position of State assembly person and not for a Minister or MB's post. Does this means that Isa is too tainted to be an MB or a Minister but clean enough to be a state assembly person?

The Rakyat is fully aware that Isa was found guilty and suspended by UMNO for money politics. For the record, Isa faced 9 charges of money politics and was found guilty of 5 charges. He was suspended for 6 years and this was later reduced to 3 years upon appeal.

Money politics is a lame term for corruption. In plain English, he paid money to win his party elections. UMNO will not suspend a duly elected Vice–President over a technicality. Neither would Isa keep quiet over a technicality.

Let’s not forget that Dr. M & Ku Li both agree that Isa should not be given a second chance ,precisely because of his tainted past. There can be no compromise on trust and honesty.

This decision by Najib to select Isa confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not serious about combating corruption and reinforces what many of the Rakyat already feels – that the PM himself is tainted and therefore unfit to lead the nation.

That Isa himself decided to stand for elections is another surprise. For a person who was the MB for 22 years and now vying for a State assembly job, this does not reflect well on protocol and his self esteem. He would be better off playing the role of a party elder or simply playing golf.

The fact that UMNO had to recycle a tainted politician speak volumes of what most people already know –that UMNO is sorely lacking in leaders of high integrity and credibility.

63 years old and going down the same path as Japan’s LPD party?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Battle Royale at Bagan Pinang

This is a battle for the hearts and minds of the Malays: UMNO vs. PAS.

The stake is huge for UMNO. A loss in this UMNO stronghold has enormous psychological significance for UMNO and will certainly be its Waterloo.

Yes, it is an uphill task for Pakatan and this is what Pakatan fighters and sympathizers relish most. This is nothing new for the Reformasi movement – we had fought on an uneven ground for more than 10 years.

Remember DSAI’s famous words, “Kalau takut dengan risiko, jangan bicara tentang perjuangan” (If you are afraid of risks, don’t talk about going into battle)

It is time for all of us to stand up and be counted. All true blood Malaysians who are yearning for UMNO to be given a bloody nose, MUST, turun padang (go to the ground). The Rakyat’s clarion call for change must reach the voters of Bagan Pinang.

Let’s apply the strategy of overwhelming force and converge on the battle field in record numbers. Everyone must do their part no matter how small.

If you are in Bagan Pinang, report to the Markas (station) and volunteer you support. If you can’t be there, telephone the people you know in Bagan Pinang. If you know of someone who is going to campaign in Bagan Pinang, offer encouragement and support (better still, financial aid).

All hands on deck. Prepare for battle.

We can win. Impossible is nothing.