Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Joke Corner

A horse, a cow and a donkey were having an argument about who had most contributed to the war effort.

The horse said he had done the most - ‘Without me, the soldiers wouldn't have been able to ride off to war’.

The cow said she was the one - ‘Without me, there would have been no one to feed the civilian

The donkey, not to be outdone, said, ‘True....but I was the head of government. Without me, there would have been no war!’

Well done donkey , reward yourself with a kick in the ass!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Why the petrol price hike at this time?

The BN govt. knows that the petrol price hike would result in a backlash against the Govt. but it went ahead regardless. Why? This is the RM13.7b question.

Only Pak Lah has the answer and the ordinary rakyat can only speculate. The coffee shop talk is full of rage against the BN govt.

The official version is that with petrol prices skyrocketing, the govt. cannot afford to maintain the existing subsidy system.True to some extent but 40.6% ? Thats really being insensitive!.So, why did the govt. do it?.

Some say that the country needs the RM 13.7b savings to finance projects with the intention of wooing back the rakyat. The BN states will receive extra allocation .The Opposition States will not get the allocation as punishment for voting against the BN.

Another favorite is that the money is to fund all the Corridor rayas that the govt. has announced

Others say that this is a diversionary tactic designed to get BN to focus and unite on the bigger economic challenges instead of the ongoing internal political fighting.

Yet others say that having failed in using the race card, the BN govt. is now using the economic card to create unrest to justify using the emergency laws to shackle its enemies

One fact though is that the BN govt. promised just before the 2008-March elections, that the price of petrol will not be increased.

The consensus from the raykat is that if an election is held any time soon, BN will surely be swept out of power. Time for Pakatan Rakyat to show Malaysians what they can do.