Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gutter Politics of Malay Malaysia

13 years ago,he was labeled a Jew Agent,a US Agent ,a Womanizer and a Sodomist .HE was a threat to  UMNO and he was jailed and put out of circulation for 5 years.

Upon his release, a political tsunami  was unleashed and the end result was that UMNO lost Selangor,Penang,Wilayah KL,Kedah ,Perak and Kelantan. It almost lost N.Sembilan .

For the damage he caused in PRU 12, Sdr Anwar Ibrahim will be jailed and put out of circulation once again.

A new remake of the old script is being played out .Let there be no doubt that the script will end with the jailing of Sdr Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim once again. At 63 years of age ,that will surely be the end of Anwar.

Or is it?

The best of plans can end in disarray. As they say, man proposes and God disposes.

Citizens all over the world are clamoring for a new world order .Injustice and corrupt status quo are out. Transparency, equality and shared values are in. We have seen this in Tunisia Eypt,Libya. In SEA, it was  called People Power .We saw it in Philippines ,Thailand and Indonesia. Recently, it reached Singapore.

We can do the same in Malaysia. 

We can free our country from the clutches of UMNO and let our   government institutions (Police/Army/SPR/EC/Judiciary) to function  independently.

Lets make it our personal responsibility to wake up our relatives, friends and colleagues from their slumber ,induced by UMNO media and propaganda  apparatus. Get them to register as voters and lets us use people power at PRU 13 to  vote UMNO out of power.

Once, the organs of govt.  are cleansed , the gutter politics of Malay Malaysia will have no place in Malaysia and Sdr Anwar will find the justice that should have been accorded to him as a citizen of Malaysia.


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