Tuesday, February 22, 2011

De-frogging PKR

It is unfortunate that when one thinks of katak lompat,PKR comes to mind. In the past, such references are usually reserved for politicians from Sabah & Sarawak but we now have our fair share of Katak Lompats from Semenanjung as well.

Why would a politician who is elected by the Rakyat betray their trust and jump ship?

There are always " push and pull factors" involved when a Wakil rakyat jumped ship.The push factors can be generalized as unhappiness/ dissatisfaction and the pull factors are options that are viewed as better or offering better potential.

In a nutshell a potential frog exists if a Wakil Rakyat is unhappy, dissatisfied (push) or is greedy, ambitious, unscrupulous, unethical(pull).

To counter this, a good attract and retain strategy must be developed-to resource,nuture and protect our Wakil Rakyats from leaving or being lured by our competitors. This is HR (Human Resource) territory.

How do we establish a good attract and retention strategy?Start by benchmarking best practices and talking to your star performers.

In HR, we say that to eliminate theft, we should not hire thieves. So,by extension,to defrog -don't recruit frogs! A good recruitment process can help to eliminate frogs or potential frogs from being hired. Again, past performance is good indicator of future performance.

Lets start rolling and put in a good recruitment and retention system to eliminate the Kataks .The Rakyat does not expect any less.

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